Thursday, September 30, 2010

Part 3: Nobody told me we were doing a part three!

Saving money is definitely one of my passion's in life. I can't say very many things make me tingle quite like looking at my Ralph's receipt and seeing this line: "Total: $111.90 Saved: $99.00"

Patience is really the key for me. Everything goes on sale eventually, and most things can be preserved in some fashion or another. Recently Campbell's Chunky Soup was on sale at around half-off and this stuff lasts awhile - I bought 30 cans.

Hamburger Helper on sale, 10/$10? "30 boxes please, I've got my own bags."

Retailer weekly's are a critical element of my success. Pretty much any grocer that posts one of these also hosts it online and since I don't have a mailbox and I don't plan on waiting for my neighbor to pass his used ads onto me, I go surfing. Last week it was whole chickens on sale, roughly half-off again - two please.

I actually make my own laundry soap and I'm due to make another batch this week. It's super cheap at around 25 cents per gallon to make. I buy the ingredients in bulk online since nobody around here carries what I need. In fact, I have all of tomorrow off from my jobs so I will be making a batch or two and posting the recipe and pics for all!

I'm out for today everyone, I'm going to go see Bran Nue Dae tonight in about an hour so I need to get ready. G'night!

-- The only constant is change --


  1. Wow that is dedication to saving money!
    Most students could learn a little from this, often they dont bother saving up, and just pay for what they need at that moment. Save up a little once in a while, and when you see something on special like those HAMBRUGERS, buy heaps and it means you will save money further down the track!

    I doubt many people have the dedication to make soap themselves, though... send pics, it will be interesting none the less
    Good stuff

  2. I like the way you designed your blog :)

  3. @Adamantium: I'm quite dedicated to saving money. Sometimes it's a pain in the butt but for us it's a necessity.
    @Swift Love: Thanks! I'm constantly refining the look of the place, it's like Zen gardening for me.