Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Part 1: Don't spend more than you have to...

As you may have noticed, I only transcribed a small amount of this post before I was so tired I had to sleep. Finishing it up now. If you didn't notice this change, ignore my warning! :D

Hey everyone! I’m writing this at work today. They put me in guest services where I have access to the computer all night. I tried rambling for a bit and discovered I wanted to talk about saving money today!

First of all, I recently bought tons of new clothes. Prior to this spending spree, I hadn't really bought much clothing wise in almost five years! Well my wife got a new job and needed to look for some new stuff so we went to the local Goodwill.

Not only does GWI employ those who might have trouble finding work otherwise, they benefit the community AND you can find amazing deals there! I ended up buying 5 pairs of pants, 4 ties, 2 vests, a new pair of shoes (with wooden soles!) all for less than $50. If you need anything you should really check your local Goodwill stores, you never know what you might find.

Keeping in theme, do you check out any sites for daily deals? A lot of sites have sales that are good for one day only and I have found some amazing purchases in the past. I'm a big fan of Woot.com and their sub-domains: Shirt.Woot and Wine.Woot mainly. I once found a vacuum for a family member that retailed for over $500 for only $249 ($5 shipping on everything except shirts, which have free shipping!) Shirt.Woot features a variety of unique shirts that range from artistic to humorous and change every week. Wine.Woot sells wines and wine accessories at awesome prices as well as all kinds of other stuff (I got wine filled chocolates around Valentine's day one year). They also have Kids.Woot and Deals.Woot, something more akin to a toy store and a deal aggregator, respectively.

Lengthy post this is turning into, eh? And quite the Woot.com testimonial. I've decided to split this post up and finish it off tomorrow, lest I hear cries of tl;dr and need to comfort myself. Thanks for tuning in everyone, talk to you again soon!

-- The only constant is change --

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