Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Part 2: It's not a suggestion, it's an order.

Yesterday I started talking about saving money and today will continue with this discussion!

My big find this week (got my J senses tingling hardcore!) was on I've noticed in the past they have a way you can subscribe to order items you use on a regular basis. For my house it's razor blades. I don't shave but my wife does and goes through a blade every week or so. In-case you didn't notice, these things are damn expensive - often times $2-$4 per cartridge in grocery stores! Well...

Check 'em

This doesn't look like how I wanted...

Anyway, I just bought these cartridges yesterday and by subscribing I saved 15% plus I got free shipping. It ended up pricing out around $1.40 per cartridge!!1! Everyone should check this subscription stuff out, you never know what you might find!

Edit: A side note is that the price I quoted above per cartridge was true at time of publishing, it seems the price of these blades has gone up now! Sorry for any unintended deception!

-- The only constant is change --

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