Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chimpanzees and solar arrays, oh my!

Hello everyone!

So apparently a group of chimpanzees in Bossou, Guinea have learnt how to successfully identify and disarm snare traps set by human hunters. These traps aren't intended to ensnare chimps but snare-induced injuries to chimps occur all across Africa - the rate of these injuries is significantly lower in this group in Guinea! For more info you can read the whole article here.

In other news some researchers at MIT have discovered that certain molecules can assemble themselves into tiny solar arrays and disassemble again on a whim; apparently for as many cycles as are necessary. The whole article (and the complex terms I have no desire to research meanings to) is very interesting, you never know what scientists and engineers will come up with next!

I'll be back with more to share as I discover it!

-- The only constant is change --

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