Sunday, September 26, 2010

I realize my goals as a blogger today.

The more I write, the more I realize I'm not a very good writer. At least not yet!

I've always dabbled with writing and I feel I have a decent grasp of the English language, but damn I overuse commas sometimes. I've grown to have a great affection for the works of The Oatmeal. I've been following his web comics for some time now and his comics about grammar always get me more than any other.

So, I take his lessons to heart (Check out the rest of his site too!) as I trundle on, using this blog as my playground and experimental lab. Hopefully my grammar and punctuation won't put you off as we continue this journey of exploration and literation.

Also, I hope to gain experience as a blog writer in particular. I have several subjects I'd love to write about in more detail, but I'm still testing the waters! It feels wrong to dedicate myself to writing about one topic when I still don't know how to format blog posts correctly and such. Maybe I'll end up writing a blog about blog writing? I'm sure it's been done over and over before, but why can't I throw my two cents in?

If you've got some feedback on my words please leave some feedback! If anyone ever thinks they've learned all they can then they truly have; for the rest of us the learning never ends.

-- The only constant is change --