Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am and have been for a couple days now, most definitely sick. While this continues I'll be abstaining from blog posts since I have to work enough as it is with both jobs still - I need blogging time to rest. Thanks for hanging in there for me guys!

-- The only constant is change --


  1. Ugh being sick sucks man, get well soon!

  2. Feel ze better! Plently of drinking water and peeing it out.

  3. I am! Unfortunately, now my laptop is busted almost completely. Hopefully I can fix the powerjack again and it'll be back to semi-normal, but until I have time to do that I only have time to check in while I'm at work and then only when I have a chance to stop by the one computer -_- Hoping to be back to posting really soon, I'm jonesing pretty bad for writing.