Monday, October 11, 2010

Industrious Times I Live In

Have I ever mentioned I'm a Gemini?

One of the traits associated with us is that we have split personalities. Usually I'm not too bad for mood swings, but I definitely have separate persona's for work and home life. At work, I'm one of the best people you could've ever hired - I'm driven, focused, energetic, etc. But damn if I can't get myself to do half as much when I'm sitting around the house.

Anyway, I've been trying to increase my productivity while at home lately. I started this blog, for instance, as a way to increase my creativity, hone my writing skills, and to keep myself off image boards and for a few hours at a stretch. It's been going well I think and I definitely plan to keep on it for a long time.

As it is, I've been trying to make more money, something I can do on the side that doesn't interfere with the day- and night-jobs. So I'm thinking that I'm going to start designing T-shirts and other items for my new CafePress store. Feel free to visit it right now but there's really nothing there yet. I'm hoping to churn out one new design a week to start but we'll see how that goes.

If anyone else has any radical ideas for making money on the side feel free to share them, I'm willing to try - well, a lot, but not everything :)

-- The only constant is change --


  1. thats cool if you actually believe in the crockery that is astrology signs

  2. for making money u can try helping people with their computers?