Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amazon - Free music downloads, Prime faces new competition

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't had much to talk about the past couple days, work has been pretty busy!

Hey guys, everyone likes free stuff, right? In most circumstances at least. Did you know that offers tons of free music to download? They've got a lot of stuff really cheap too. Go here to see the landing page for their mp3 deals, you won't be disappointed!

Do you know anything about Amazon's Prime service? It's $79 a year to get free 2-day shipping on pretty much anything! It's pretty amazing, which is why I assume some of the other large retailers on the web must feel so threatened. Several dozen companies have put aside their differences to create a new service called ShopRunner. Among the participating companies are Petsmart,GNC, and Toys 'R Us, to mention just a couple.

It's like Prime, $79 for a year, but it's available on all the participating retailers websites AND, the kicker, if you need to return something they pay for the return shipping for you! Even more amazing than Prime, I'd say. I'd recommend checking both these services out though since the holidays are fast approaching because both will save you a lot of money on shipping, especially if you continue shopping with the sites throughout the rest of the year!

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  1. Good deal, never really new the full details of it.